Anonymous asked:

I never saw you faving anything or leaving comments. So I would be curious who your favorite IZ-artists are? Or who your favorite ZaDr-artists are?x) Wouls you name some and tell us what you like about their works?

1. umm..never comment because have some kind of paranoia fear that I’m damn moron to speak/write in english correctly and afraid that whatever I say I will be misunderstood (at least it still difficult for me to speak english TT___TT). And at the same time I don’t like to write simple comments like “nice” or “I love it”.
2. aaand yes, don’t fave because prefere to save atrworks 030
3. favorits?)) ok
- LierMagician. as I remember..she was the first cool zadr artist that I found two years ago just right after I watched iz show. Love everything, especially her ongoing comic ^w^
- m1m3m3. anatomy, lines, poses, jeeez everything is awesome x))
- coconutmilkyway. The more horrible it gets, the more I love it XD
- Naplez. cute canon style
- Thestralhugs. ideas and lines
- Lynnies. cutiiiiies *0*